Although we already had experience in the food industry and had previously owned a food outlet, we believed through location and experience this could be successful!
It was 1999 when we acquired a run down former cake shop in a suburb of Manchester and transformed it into a Sandwich Shop.

With a love of food and a greater love for making it we opened our doors in January 2000. We offered a wide selection on the menu, and changed it accordingly over the years.

It was in 2014 which would put upon the path we are on today!

I was always trying to think of ideas and to put something new on the menu that no one else locally was doing . It was when I was talking to several Personal Trainers did I have the idea to take a different approach and introduce a Healthier side to the menu!

After months of planning and creating new dishes , we introduced the meals to the menu. This side of the businesss went from strength to strength and moreorless took over the menu!

I began reading more and more on nutrition and macros and then looking at foods that may help certain diets and especially weight loss.

It was around 2016 that I got the opportunity to work with one or two professional boxers and help them with their weight loss whilst in camp.

In 2017 to late 2019, I worked alongside many more boxers and even had the honour and great experience of working alongside several Elite athletes!

After 20 years of running the Sandwich Shop I decided it was time to focus solely on Meal Plans/Preps for the individual.

So after months of deliberating, I sold my business at the end of 2019!!


Creating freshly made breakfasts, lunches,dinners & protein desserts for the individual, this includes anyone wishing to lead a healthier and not just for people who train or for people who want to lose weight!


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