538 cals 59g pro 20g fat 28g carbs
539 cals 44g pro 14g fat 55g carbs
318 cal 26g pro 6.9g fat 37g carb
530 cals 57g pro 6.4g fat 58g carbs
495 cals 58g pro 9.7g fat 41g carbs
587 cals 30g pro 19g fat 70g carbs
534 cals 50g pro 4.4g fat 72g carbs
430 cals 37g pro 15g fat 33g carbs
285 cals 29g pro 6.4g fat 28g carbs
525 cals 55g pro 15g fat 38g carbs


Customers must ensure they provide their correct delivery address, inclusive of your unit number(if applicable),street number, street name, suburb, county and postcode.

If an address is incomplete, incorrect or the format is not followed you are at risk of your order being delayed or delivered incorrectly and unfortunately Wayne Ambrose meals will not be held liable for any misadventures or delivery hindrances


Before consuming any product from our meal prep company please note that we make a range of dishes in our kitchen and we cannot guarantee any products sold on our website are completely free from any allergen such as milk, egg, gluten, soy, peanuts, sesame seeds, tree nuts, shellfish, fish and lupin.


Ingredients are subject to change due to supplier stock levels. In the event that we are unable to provide an exact item, we then provide the closest possible replacement for that meal or a full refund.

Changes or amendments cannot be made to our meals on our menu. Our menu is set and cannot be customised.

Images on website are only a guide to what food may look like. Food may look different and slightly vary.